Firefox V Chrome

Recently I’ve considered a change of web browser. I’ve been using Firefox since I was about 6 or 7 with Firefox 1, however recently I’ve been quite discontent with it recently what with crashes, bookmarks corrupted and slow(ish) loading times. As I’m a Linux user and have a brain IE, was out of the question, I disagree with opera over privacy (opera unite is just a ticking time bomb). So the only option left was Chrome, I went for the open source version Chromium. As I found it quite hard to choose between Firefox & Chrome I decided to write a comparison between the two, which was not done with fresh installs. All of the tests are done on my laptop with Ubuntu Lucid Lynx, each browser has multiple bookmarks, plugins and extensions. I’m also going to write about how it imports your existing data, etc.

Startup times

Firefox scored 5 seconds on this test.

Chrome scored 9 seconds on this test.

Firefox scored highest on this test, which is quite unusual considering most people find that chrome loads faster!

Page load times

For this test I’m loading the homepage of my blog.

Firefox loaded in 5 seconds.

Chrome loaded in 4 seconds.

Chrome came out top here, BTW I had cleared the cache on both browsers first.

JavaScript times

These were run with the SunSpider Javascript Benchmark.

Firefox had a total of 1951.8ms (click here for full report).

Chrome had a total of 900.2ms (click here for full report).

Compared to Firefox, Chrome was incredibly fast!

Acid Test

Firefox scored 93/100 but threw out tons of errors.

Chrome scored 98/100.

Chrome scored the highest but it didn’t pass.

CPU Load

Firefox grabbed 40% of one of my cores.

Chrome grabbed 10% of one of my cores.

While both of these tests are specific to my PC you should be able to see that there is a difference between the two browsers.


At this moment in time, although Firefox & Chrome beat each other in certain areas, they are still quite matched. Firefox does have the advantage with it’s vast library of plugins and  extensions, however Chrome is improving on that front daily. Personally I’ve been using Chrome for the last few days and love it! The settings import tool picked up most of my settings and the built in browser sync has made it easy to keep all of my settings the same on both my PCs.

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