Firefox 4, My Impressions (or should that be turnabout)

Ok, the other day I downloaded Firefox 4 Beta to take it for a spin. I’ve been a Chrome/ium user for a while now and wondered if Firefox could win me over. My overall answer was no. While it is much improved it still needs allot more work, I think this because:-


I’ve read a lot about the new and improved JS engine in FF4, however I was unimpressed. It seemed slow rendering compared to Chrome, so I ran a SunSpider Benchmark on it. In short chrome is 2.45x as fast as FF4.

Even Manfred Von Karma can't believe how slow FF4 JS is!

HTML5 Support

This is a big one for me, as new HTML elements like canvas are fantastic! (I’ve been playing around with it a lot recently). Anyway I’ve found this site called, while it isn’t an accurate way to show HTML5 superiority over another browser, but it is enough for a rough estimate. Firefox 189, while Chrome scored a fantastic 227!

Memory Usage

This is one of the more clear-cut tests, both browsers where run on my laptop, which has a Dual 1.73GHz processors and 1GB of ram. Chrome used 216KB per tab while FF used 48.7MB per tab.


This is where FF clearly wins, Chrome is built so only the most basic features are out-of-box, however while Firefox has tab-groups, easer homepage management and a rather snappy single menu (which I couldn’t use on Linux, although I would have disabled it anyway). Although I can’t help but think this might explain it’s got such a large memory footprint!


She's IE's Best Friend!

Firefox 4 is great, Firefox in general is great it still remains the largest threat to IE (A.K.A spawn of satin), however Chrome technically beats Firefox. Despite this many people wont migrate to chrome, like my Dad who hates the way chrome does homepages. But this is one of the great beauties of open source software, we can have both :).

Poor, Phoenix. He was really hoping that FF4 would be better.


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  1. #1 by neojames13 on 28/08/2010 - 1:10 pm

    I think I’ve been playing to much Phoenix Wright!

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