Name: James Bolton
Age: 13
Location: Localhost
Hobbies: Gaming, Programing (CSS, HTML, PHP and Bash but I am learning Java).
Bio: I am a Welsh schoolboy and tech enthusiast, I created this blog on my parents recommendation who were sick of me continually ranting to them about various things (school computers, microsoft, the colour of plants, microsoft, etc.), so I created this blog! I am a big tech enthusiast and will be sure to try to review any software or hardware I buy, my interpretation of the latest tech news along with cool little CSS, HTML, PHP or bash tricks (maybe Java but I’m still learning).

Tech Survey

One of my friends did one of these (on youtube and I thought it would be a great idea to do one on my blog!

1. What is the main OS you use today

Ubuntu Lucid Lynx
2. How many desktops do you own

3. How many Laptops do you own

4. What is the highest spec system you currently use

4GB Ram


2.6GHz Core 2 Duo

320GB HD
5. What is the highest spec system you have ever used

The one above.
6. Which piece of software do you run, that is the most system hungry i.e Photoshop, Final Cut etc.

7. Software you use for photo editing

The Gimp
8. Software you use for Movie editing

9. What is your current web browser

Chromeium Daily
10. Is your current browser the best you have ever used, if not; which was

It’s my current favorate.
11. Which do you prefer Mac OSX, MS Windows, Linux, Unix, BeOS or any other

12. If you have used windows before which has been your favorite version, i.e Win 95, Win 98 etc.

WinXP is the only one I remember liking!
13. If you have used Mac’s before which has been you favorite version, i.e OS9, Panther, Tiger etc

I’ve used Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard on my friends  macs, but haven’t used them enough to form much of an opinion.
14. Do you have any Tech related qualifications

No, I don’t yet
15. Out of all the technology revolutionaries, who do you most think inspires you. (S. Jobs, B. Gates, S. Wozniak, P. Allen etc etc)

While not really a tech revolutionary Charles Babbage pretty much made the first computer!
16. If you could have any gadget in the world not yet invented to help you what would it be and do for you.

A easy portable drive which will backup everything on my PC in seconds
17. Which search engine do you use

18. What is your favorite Apple product of all time

I don’t really use Apple Products…
19. Have you ever tried a Linux distribution

Yes my main OS is one!
20. Can you program and if so what languages

CSS, HTML, PHP and i’m learning Java & JS
21. Have you ever developed your own Web Page or for another person

I’ve programmed stuff in Localhost to see if I can do it since I was 11
22. Which Office suite do you use, MS Office, Neo, Lotus 123 etc

23. Have you ever opened a Laptop to repair or upgrade

I’ve upgraded my old laptops RAM
24. Do you own an iPhone or iPod Touch

25. If you answer yes to above what is you favorite App for the iPhone or iPod Touch

I don’t own one!
26. Do you hold stocks with a Technology Company, just Yes or No, no personal details.

27. What do you see for the future of Technology.

Simple GUI’s for ordinary users with very complex CMD stuff for people like me (the CMD has more power :))
28. Do you have a network running in your Home

29. Favorite Computer related movie

I hate computer related movies, as they are usually inaccurate but I liked Die Hard 4
30. What is your opinion of the Apple logo

I don’t really care
31. What is your opinion of the Windows logo.

I don’t really care
32. Do you own a Tech Tool Kit for computers

A what?
33. Which games console do you prefer

Nintendo Wii
34. How long have you been using computers for

Since I was like 4 or 5 i’ve had my own, but my dad told me that I (sort of) used his since I was 18 months old!
35. Do you have external Storage backing up your work.

I used to, but I put the HD in my desktop!
36. Is your network wireless or hard line

37. Do you use your computer for your main source of income (No personal details)

38. Would you class yourself as a Geek

No I’m a Nerd God, read my footer!
39. Would you class your computer usage as an obsession

40. Have you watched Pirates of Silicon Valley and if so what did you think.

I haven’t watched it.

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