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Review – Creative ZEN X-FI 2 (8GB)

Well here is the promised review of my new toy! This is my first review, so please tell me anything I can improve on. I’ll be splitting the review into various sub-headings, so if you just want the bare facts scroll down to the Overall section at the bottom.

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Not a lot….

I haven’t really got much to say today, I’ve got back from Brecon and am absolutely exhausted! Tomorrow I’m planing on writing a review of my new MP4 player (see last post for details!) which will be a mega-large post compared to my others. BTW I managed to update the firmware (I “borrowed” my dad’s windows PC – the last one in the house – for awhile) and I love the Sudoku game! Anyway what do you think of the fonts I’ve chosen for the blog (If your thinking what fonts?, then you should update your browser stat!)? I’ve also finally moved away from Firefox as my main browser to Chrome (to be exact Chromium) and am just keeping Firefox for dev purposes (got to love Firefly)!

Anyway keep you eyes peeled for tomorrows review, I may even get around to doing a review on Chrome!

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