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Review – Creative ZEN X-FI 2 (8GB)

Well here is the promised review of my new toy! This is my first review, so please tell me anything I can improve on. I’ll be splitting the review into various sub-headings, so if you just want the bare facts scroll down to the Overall section at the bottom.

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What a week!

This week I’ve had exams (well strictly speaking they where from Wednesday onwards to Friday), which has made it hard to blog. Then to celebrate my exams being over (and the fact I had a half-term holiday!) I went away to Brecon for a few days (already Twitpiced one shot). I had quite enjoyed myself up until the Monday (actually I found out on Tuesday night). My MP4 player – a Sumvision ICE 2000 – had somehow managed to get a large crack in its touch-screen, and to make it worse I only got it in April!

My poor MP4 Player

"It ain't broke, but you can see the cracks"

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