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New Blog Theme!

I’m trying out a new theme for my blog called Fusion, and would like to know what everybody thinks! I so far like it but I’m not sure how it will look like on other computers… Anyway, I would be blogging for awhile (will explain soon) but when I do it will probably be about the way I got some FMA (FullMetal Alchemist) ripped to my MP4 player.

Anyway see you all soon!

BTW I’m planning on doing another vid soon, just need to get to grips with Kzam!


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Kazam 0.1 released! (via andrew@thisblog)

I absolutely can’t wait for this to be stable! Methinks I’m going to have to wipe the dust of my youtube account…

Kazam 0.1 released! Hi everyone. Remember back on June 29th when I introduced 'a screencaster called Kazam' ? Well I am happy to announce that today Kazam has its first release! Kazam is fully working, all the way from recording, to exporting to popular video sharing sites. Although some features shown in the mockups (such as the quality slider and cropping capability) are not yet implemented, I am very proud of what has been and I already find it very useful! But h … Read More

via andrew@thisblog

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Tutorial: Interactive Periodic Table Background!

Ok, this is a quick (but fun) tutorial to setup your background as a interactive Periodic table. Recently, I came across a program called Devil’s Pie which allows you to code rules for making windows behave a certain way. Seeing as I recently started my science GCSE class I thought it would be cool to have a useful Periodic table background

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Back to school again!

Can be summed up in one image:

God, I hate school ICT! But I’m looking forward to Wacky Wednesday (that’s what my Science department calls the day when we have 3 Sci lessons in one day)!

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